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Opening Day at Coors Field

Rockies news and links for April 6, 2018

Rockies head home with solid defense, potent offense and questions about starting pitching | Denver Post ($)

Today is Opening Day at Coors Field, and we are definitely excited to welcome the Rockies home. After a lackluster offseason and a promising Spring Training, they’ll come home to play the Atlanta Braves in what might be quite a chilly game. There has been some concern over the starting pitching, which has left a bit to be desired thus far. Offense is looking good, though, and defense is shaping up to be pure gold.

DJ LeMahieu is optimistic about the defense, which undoubtedly proved itself in Thursday’s game, with Nolan Arenado’s impressive snag, Gerardo Parra’s hard work, and Chris Iannetta picking off an attempted stolen base. Things are looking promising for the Rockies, but in these early days, we are recognizing that a successful 2018 will come down to successful starting pitching.

Colorado Rockies: Charlie Blackmon’s number next in line for retirement | Rox Pile

There are a couple of Rockies who could be contenders for having their number retired. Nolan Arenado is certainly one of these, the young star delivering time and time again. Dante Bichette is one to consider, as are Troy Tulowitzki, Larry Walker, and Carlos Gonzalez. However, as Charlie Blackmon signs his six-year deal with the Rockies, it’s looking like he might come before Arenado in getting his number retired. He has something that the Rockies have lacked: a long Colorado career. Blackmon, if he carries out this new contract in full, will have spent all of his major league career with the Rockies, behind only Todd Helton in length of time as a ballplayer in Denver. Blackmon has already more than proven himself, and if he can continue to have the success he has had, we might see #19 up there with #17 and #42.

25 years of (Major League) Baseball in Colorado: How the Rockies forever changed Denver | Mile High Sports

It’s the start of the Rockies season at home, and Shawn Drotar at Mile High Sports looks at some of the history of baseball in Denver. For a long time, Denver didn’t seem like a good match for Major League Baseball, due to its cold weather and high altitude. However, the love of the sport is strong. From the Denver White Elephants to the Denver Bears to Eric Young hitting the Rockies’ first home run, baseball in Denver has been much beloved. Coors Field, the Blake Street Bombers, Rocktober: the Rockies have certainly impacted the face of Denver.

An eagle accidentally landed on James Paxton, who somehow did not FREAK THE HELL OUT | SBNation

All I have to say is that I would have freaked the hell out.