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Are the Rockies overworking their bullpen already?

Rockies news and links for Sunday, April 8, 2018

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Colorado Rockies: They can’t put stress on the bullpen this early | Rox Pile

In this post, Rox Pile’s resident “negative Nancy,” Aaron Hurt, poses a question that is likely lingering in many Rockies fans’ minds — with so many short outings from the Rockies rotation to start the year, is the bullpen already being used too much?

The short, not-obscure-at-all answer is: maybe. Through the first eight games of the season, the bullpen has already pitched 29 23 innings. That averages out to 3.7 innings per game, or about 3 23. Being the math wiz I am, I can deduce that means our rotation has averaged just 5 13 innings per start — not ideal.

Even with the implementation of a Super Bullpen, you have to keep it healthy and rested. Conceptually, the Super Bullpen is a product of Postseason success, using your best weapons early and often with a championship on the line. But, of course, you have to get there first, and having your bullpen pitch too many innings early in the season could be detrimental to that goal if key members become fatigued or overworked too soon.

Plate discipline helping Carlos Gonzalez make an early impact in Rockies lineup | Mile High Sports

Following a disastrous 2017 and almost as ugly offseason, Carlos González is starting his 2018 off on the right foot. According to Aniello Piro of Mile High Sports, and reaffirmed by Bud Black, CarGo is feeling comfortable at the plate again and the results are beginning to show it, like this bomb from Friday afternoon’s home opener:

That bat drop, though. In a small sample size, CarGo is slugging .467 through 8 games. Not bad. He also has a .350 BAbip, and in context with how his season ended last year (slashing an incredible .377/.484/.766 in September), a bounce-back 2018 shouldn’t be so surprising.

Piro also speculates that CarGo’s mostly awful 2017 could be partially blamed on the pressure of performing in a contract year. I’m not so sure, though. By signing a 1-year deal, 2018 is still a contract year for Carlos, and he already has a more consistent, comfortable approach at the plate. CarGo himself said sleep issues were a major concern for him last year and affected his gameplay. Whatever it was, I’m just glad he’s in a better place now.

Colorado Rockies: Walt Weiss enjoying transition from manager to coach | Rox Pile

Walt Weiss has now left the Rockies and joined the Atlanta Braves twice in his career — once as a player and now as a coach. In a Rox Pile exclusive, Jake Shapiro sat down and chatted with the Rockies’ former manager about baseball, life, and connecting with players in his new role.

Having strong relationships with the guys playing for him has always been important to Walt. He’s been known as a “player’s manager” in his time as a skipper, and popular in the clubhouse. As a former shortstop, he’s had an incredible opportunity to mentor three great stars who occupy the same position on the field — Troy Tulowitzki, Trevor Story, and now Dansby Swanson. It comes as no surprise to me that all of them have benefited from his personalized approach to coaching.

Charlie Blackmon is a Rockies lifer, so wear this shirt the rest of your life | Purple Row

In the biggest announcement since the “bloody celebration,” Purple Row is now offering these amazing MLBPA-licensed t-shirts commemorating Charlie Blackmon’s contract extension with the Rockies. He’s Home Grown, a potential Rockies Lifer, and has the personality and charm that’s second-to-none. With help from our friends at BreakingT, this shirt was designed by the people, for the people. Get yours today, and show off some love for the incredible Chuck Nazty.

Rockies 3, Braves 2: Rockies walk to win in tenth inning | Purple Row

Look, some wild things went down last night, but what’s important is that the Rockies walked-off with a walk from Wolters for the win. Wade Davis blew his first save of the season, Adam Ottavino continued to stymie hitters, and the offense did just enough to pick up the bullpen (trust me, it feels weird typing that, too) on a night when Chad Bettis was pretty darn good (5.2 IP, 1 ER on 4 hits and 2 walks, 3 K’s).

Even with Wolters’ walk-off walk, Trevor Story is my Player of the Game, thanks in part to this incredible, potentially game-saving catch. According to Bud Black, he had the “boosties” on this one:

Trevor also destroyed a pitch from Anibal Sanchez in the 4th inning for a home run, but his defensive prowess in extra innings with the go-ahead run on third base is what kept the Rockies in a position to win the second game of this series with the Braves.