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Fire up the fountains! Wear the shirt!

Jenny Cavnar’s home run call, in shirt form

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Last week, Jenny Cavnar made history by being the first woman to call play-by-play in an MLB regular season game in more than 25 years. The night was exciting, but we were all waiting for an answer to the big question: What would her call be?

Nolan Arenado teed up the big moment, and Jenny did not disappoint.

“Fire up the fountains! She’s gone!”

#RockiesTwitter applauded her decision, and more than one follower noted it would make a great t-shirt. Here at Purple Row, we are all about celebrating and community engagement. So here’s our newest collaboration with BreakingT: “Fire up the fountains” t-shirt, complete with Jenny’s call, Nolan’s silhouette, and Coors’ fountains.

Order yours here, and maybe get one for a friend.

Fire up the fountains!