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Rockies 3, Cubs 1: Jon Gray cruises and makes early runs hold up

The Rockies needed this win.

The Colorado Rockies played another low-scoring game against the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday night. Thankfully this one went their way, as they rode some early solo home runs to a 3-1 victory behind a stellar outing from their top starter.

Jon Gray shines

The Cubs’ offense is dealing with their own struggles, but a start in Wrigley Field still felt like a tough spot for Gray to try to turn things around. He did that and more, going seven innings and allowing just one windy home run to Anthony Rizzo. Gray struck out six and walked just one over seven innings of work. Another outstanding start from the Colorado rotation, and this one led to a win.

You get a wall-scraping home run, and you get a wall-scraping home run

Much as that figure of speech might not apply with those big baskets on top of the brick outfield walls at Wrigley, the home runs tonight might not have been home runs other nights. Charlie Blackmon tatered one to center field to lead the game off against Kyle Hendricks, but David Dahl followed with one that was certainly helped by the wind. There was Rizzo’s, and then Nolan Arenado lifted a one-handed home run that might have been a pop-out on another night.

But we’re the ones who get stuck with the “COORS” meme.

This was not the night for a blown save

Adam Ottavino and Wade Davis pitched two clean innings to close this one out, and thank goodness they did. Davis made things uncomfortable in the final inning with a walk and another three-ball count. Blown saves are never fun, but tonight was an especially bad night for one given the struggles of the offense lately.

Looking ahead

The Rockies will try to take the series Wednesday afternoon with Tyler Anderson starting opposite Yu Darvish.