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Colorado Rockies podcast: PDP talks patience and pitching

It’s episode 132 of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast — eat it up!

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For all the hand-wringing and consternation over certain things in Rockies Land, your strong, fighting costumed Colorado baseball men are five games over-.500 and positioned well right behind the D-backs in the National League West. The Giants are old as heck, and the Dodgers are dealing with injuries to just about anyone who has set foot on the field. The Rockies, despite a struggling lineup and struggling bullpen, won six straight prior to a series-ending loss to the first-place Angels. Why? Starting pitching. The Rockies’ starting rotation has been nothing short of brilliant over the last two weeks, featuring the best staff ERA in the big leagues. We will discuss.

The main theme of this week’s episode is patience. The age in which we live, especially due to Twitter, makes it so we have to freak out at everything in the instant in which it happens. The baseball season is anathema to that. The 162 games of a baseball season are a looooong marathon, and being at five games over the .500 mark seven weeks in is a good thing because — if sustained — by midseason, that puts you at 10 over, and by August you’re 15. See what we’re getting at? The Rockies have played far from their best ball, and they’re still getting good results with a good Brewers team coming to town for the weekend.

And yes, we talk about Ian Desmond and why it’s OK to feel bad for a guy who’s struggling at his job even if he makes a considerable amount of money.

It’s the 132nd episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Toss it on the grill for a Mother’s Day barbeque!