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The Rockies have put themselves in a difficult position

The Rockies’ roster makes any first base solution difficult

Saunders: First base used to be a Rockies’ strength, now it’s their chronic problem | Denver Post

Patrick Saunders sets up this critical look at the Rockies’ first base situation with a view to the past — for more than 20 years it was mostly either Andrés Galarraga or Todd Helton. But he also looks to the more recent past and a decision the Rockies didn’t make.

Rather than bringing Mark Reynolds back for 2018, they added more depth to the outfield and pushed Ian Desmond back to first base. Reynolds wasn’t great in 2017, but he was at least reliably average. The same can’t be said of Desmond. Saunders also speculates that Reynolds, who may find himself a free agent again soon, could be a future option for the Rockies as well. But, again, the roster is constructed in such a way as to make the addition of Reynolds difficult.

Bud Black and Jeff Bridich’s maintain the belief that Desmond will turn things around, but Saunders isn’t convinced. “I’m just not seeing the Desmond they envision.” That’s probably because the Desmond they envision hasn’t existed for a while. Desmond has had one good half-season at the plate since the start of the 2015 season, and we have to go back to 2013 to find an Ian Desmond that was a firmly above average hitter. It all sounds like more magical thinking.

Reliever Rusin still working to find 2017 form |

One of the most profound and disappointing revelations so far in 2018 is that Chris Rusin is, it turns out, mortal. He was one of the must fun and best relievers on a great 2017 bullpen — tossing junk and getting outs. But Rusin has struggled so far in 2018. Rusin tells Thomas Harding that there may be something up with his delivery, but Harding also suggests Rusin’s troubles could be due to his mindset.

Harding also reports that Antonio Senzatela is set to make another start in for Triple-A Albuquerque so he can slot in to the rotation if he needs to.

The Morning After: Rockies’ Chad Bettis picked a bad night for an off night | Denver Post

Here’s a look at some positives and negatives from Friday night. I’ll just leave this quote from the article here: “Carlos González might be heating up.”

Kickin’ it with Kiz: In this age of snark, is it cool to boo Ian Desmond, or any player, in his home ballpark? | Denver Post

Mark Kizsla takes a sampling of opinions about the recent boos Ian Desmond has heard at Coors Field. It kind of makes we want to boo a chef for a bad meal, or at least see someone boo a chef. (Just read it.)

It’s time to move on from some of the veterans | Rox Pile

This is becoming a theme. Olivia Greene comments on the Rockies’ “dead weight,” and the fact that the team may find itself in the position to have to make difficult decisions about the roster.