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A Rockies performance only a mom could be proud of

Rockies news and links for May 14, 2018

Freddy Peralta strikes out 13 in major league debut as Rockies fall to the Brewers | Mile High Sports

There was a fantastic performance in front of the Mother’s Day crowd at Coors Field, but sadly for the Rockies, it was from the Brewer’s young pitcher Freddy Peralta. He had a no-hitter going into the sixth inning, having struck out 11 of his first 15 batters. Peralta set some new Milwaukee records. On the other side of things, Jon Gray played pretty well, but his woes continue. Every now and again, Gray will give us a great performance, but he has given up too many hits and runs to be solid as a starting pitcher. The Rockies eventually broke up the no-hitter, and later on Tony Wolters and David Dahl delivered with some home runs. The Rockies didn’t play well at all, but they sure looked good on the field in their pink Mother’s Day getup.

Colorado Rockies: Nolan Arenado discusses the first 40 games | Rox Pile

We are right about a quarter of the way through the 2018 season, and the Rockies are 22-18, second place in the NL West. However, offensive troubles cannot be ignored. Their overall batting average and on base percentage is pretty dismal. The Rockies are relying on home runs to provide their offense. One player having a good season, unsurprisingly, is Nolan Arenado. He still has hopes for the development of the season, saying that the team is showing promise here and there, but they have yet to hit their stride. Yes, Denver is in second place in their division, but when we look at injuries to the Dodgers and the Giants, it’s not quite saying a lot. As they heal, the Rockies are going to need to step up and find that stride we’ve been promised since the offseason.

Colorado Rockies: What if they had offered Mark Reynolds a contract? | Rox Pile

Mark Reynolds is playing baseball for the Washington Nationals, and as the Rockies are facing first base troubles, we must ask ourselves what the team might have looked like if we resigned Reynolds. The Rockies went with Carlos Gonzalez instead, which can still very likely work out in their favor. However, as Ian Desmond continues to struggle and Ryan McMahon develops in the minors, I can’t help but wonder what the team would look like if the Rockies still had the Mark Reynolds who was hot like in 2017. If Reynolds were at first, Desmond could return to the outfield, along with David Dahl, Gerardo Parra, and Carlos Gonzalez rotating out as needed.

In debut season with the Rockies, closer Wade Davis’ excellence has become an uninteresting expectation | Denver Post ($)

Wade Davis was a huge pickup for the Rockies, and he has, for the most part, delivered. He leads the team and the league with 14 saves, but this has been overshadowed by the offensive difficulties and other pitching issues the team has had. Davis has been something of a quiet star for the Rockies, but he’s okay with that, as that can be distracting. Davis has inevitably been compared to Greg Holland, but the Rockies are hoping things turn out differently overall. Holland got a bit overused, and thus worn down, as the season went on. Denver plans to be more careful about this with Davis, protecting him and his incredible ability. He has blown two saves this year, but the Rockies are confident that he will turn out to be one of the best closers in all of baseball.