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Colorado Rockies podcast: PDP talks if you really know this team is gonna hit

It’s episode 133 of the PDP podcast!

As the Rockies continue to search for solutions at the plate that don’t apparently consist of playing good younger players, we discuss what could possibly be done to turn “the team you know is gonna hit” into a team that, you know, actually hits. What are some potential solutions that lurk in Triple-A? Just how bad has this offense been from a historical perspective in franchise history? (Hint: REALLY bad) And while things continue floundering on the hitting side, what positives are there to look for from the pitching depth in the organization?

Despite all the struggles, the Rockies are a game and a half out of first place behind the suddenly collapsing D-backs. If the division is really within their grasp, will the Rockies make any substantial moves to capture what could be their first National League West title?

Plus, if a lineup comprised of the worst hitters in franchise history went up against a healthy Clayton Kershaw, how long would it take them to get a hit? Probably forever.

All that and more in the 133rd episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Leave it half-wrapped on your bleacher seat in San Francisco and watch a vulturistic seagull fly away with it!