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Who could help the Rockies remain competitive for the playoffs?

Rockies news and links for May 23, 2018

Colorado Rockies rumors: Could these five players help the Rockies? | Rox Pile

The Rockies have worked their way into the first place spot in the NL West, and we’re already starting to think playoffs. The Rockies found success in 2017 with bringing in some late ringers who only stuck around to help us finish off the season. Pat Neshek and Jonathan Lucroy were two such helpers. Kevin Henry at Rox Pile looks at some players that could potentially boost the Rockies to where they need to be to achieve another Rocktober. To start, could the Rockies bring Jonathan Lucroy back? He would bring not only a veteran presence behind the plate, but he could also help us out with some offense. It would be tough, though, with Tony Wolters and Chris Iannetta seemingly set at the position. And while Wolters is absolutely killing it defensively, his offense leaves a lot to be desired.

With the Rockies first base woes, there has already been a lot of speculation about who could be better there. One name that fans have tossed around is José Abreu. He would also provide some offense. The Rockies’ current first basemen have had some shining hitting moments, but a consistent hitter would be key. Pitching has been another tricky spot for the Rockies. Again, there have been some bright moments and players, but there have also been some struggles. Chris Archer might help to bolster the Rockies starting pitching lineup. Wilson Ramos and Mike Moustakas are also included on the list, but they seem like more of long shots, as they don’t have quite what the Rockies need.

Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez still considers himself an everyday player -- and he plans to prove it | Denver Post

The Rockies brought back Carlos Gonzalez pretty late in the offseason, and I must say it’s been fun to see him back in his Rockies uniform. While he’s been willing to fill in and not play every day, he’s still doing everything he can to get back to the daily lineup. He is sure he’ll get hot soon, and playing in every game is how he thinks he’ll get there. He’s definitely been doing some good work for the Rockies lately, and Bud Black acknowledges his hard work but is waiting to see a bit more consistency out of CarGo. It’s good to see him working hard, and hopefully we’ll get to see it all pay off.

Pitchers are staying away from Arenado |

Nolan Arenado scares pitchers. His RBI and home run numbers are top-notch. Naturally, pitchers are trying to figure him out. He’s been in something of a dry spell in the past couple weeks, and he’s clearly frustrated by it. His numbers aren’t awful, actually some of the better ones on the team. And he’s doing what he can to counteract the pitchers trying to avoid him, so he’ll probably eventually get back to where we used to seeing him.