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Colorado Rockies podcast: AskPDP about those first place Rockies

The Purple Dinosaur Podcasts answers questions about your first place Colorado Rockies

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Though it feels like the sky is falling at times, the Rockies are a first-place team heading home from an acceptable, though not dynamite, 4-5 swing through nine games on the West Coast. This week, we discuss how it’s OK to acknowledge that there are problems wth the Rockies and their current roster construction and how that doesn’t mean that you’re maligning how certain individuals on that roster are as human beings. It’s at tricky concept, but hang with us.

Plus, we discuss some doozies of #AskPDP questions from which Rockies would be best-suited to be in a modern day version of “Homer at the Bat” to what the best post-loss late-night snack is (booze) and whether or not Charlie Blackmon may one day surpass Carlos Gonzalez as an all-time Rockies great, which is a more difficult debate than you might initially think.

It’s the 134th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Shave those sideburns with it!