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The Rockies might not need to look far to find what they need

Rockies news and links for May 25, 2018

Inbox: Will Rockies recall prospect for boost? |

The question on many Rockies fans’ minds is whether or not the offense can stand a chance. Yes, the team is currently first in the division (yay!), but the team’s hitting has been abysmal. Of the Rockies top three hitters, DJ LeMahieu is out with an injury, and Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado are experiencing some slumps. Thomas Harding at argues that we can potentially find someone to fill that void in the minor leagues.

Brendan Rodgers comes to mind, but Harding argues that up-and-comer Garrett Hampson might be the one. Hampson dominated in Double-A, and he’s doing pretty good things in Albuquerque lately. We’re still not sure how long LeMahieu will be out of commission, so that’s definitely a factor. There have been rumors about who the Rockies could trade to build a better offense, but it’s possible they just look to their farm teams. Ryan McMahon is still down there as well, working on getting some quality at-bats, and only time will tell when he might see a major league start again. There are some good options in the minor leagues, and they might soon be able to provide some answers to the team’s offensive questions.

Nolan Arenado’s fight with, apology to Hi-Chew bucket is a win-win for Rockies Twitter | Mile High Sports

Nolan Arenado is a very passionate baseball player. His love of the sport shines through in every moment of every game. He wears it all on his sleeve, as we saw in his brawl earlier this year. And most recently, he walloped a bucket of Hi-Chew gum. Rockies Twitter had some fun with this, assuring us that there are no hard feelings between the bucket and Arenado.

Colorado Rockies: Being in first place doesn’t matter right now | Rox Pile

Rockies fans are definitely excited to see their boys at the top of the NL West. However, still at the back of our minds are the persistent problems that the team is facing. At the forefront is the question of Ian Desmond. He’s had some promising moments in the past few games, but he is still far underperforming what the Rockies were hoping to see out of him. Carlos Gonzalez is a sort of similar story, as a veteran player who can’t quite deliver.

As a counter to these two, them playing is preventing others, like David Dahl and Noel Cuevas, from being able to show us what they can do. And then there’s Raimel Tapia, Ryan McMahon, and others down in the minors who could give us a good boost. An upside to the whole story is the improvement we’ve seen from our pitching. They’ve gotten a lot more consistent in their delivery, which has come through for the team on several occasions. Rockies fans should certainly celebrate that our team is in first place, and we can hope that the offense can step up and our pitching can continue to be phenomenal in order to hold us in that coveted spot.

Colorado Rockies open homestand needing to crank up bats at Coors Field | Denver Post ($)

The Rockies are coming home to Denver for the next week and a half, and while in the past this might have been good news, the Rockies have oddly struggled at home this season. Bud Black came right out and said that they need to play better at Coors Field. The next few weeks provide a good chance for the Rockies to pull ahead in the division, and now would be a great time for the offense to find its way.