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Rockies 8, Reds 2: German Márquez and Carlos González lead Rockies to easy win

Rockies/Reds final score and recap

It doesn’t happen that often, but every once in a while everyone has a good game. That was almost the type of game the Rockies played Sunday afternoon, as they beat the reds 8-2 to take the series and maintain possession of first place in the National League West.

Stars of the game

German Márquez pitched an excellent seven innings. It was his first really standout game of the season, and it’s the type of performance the Rockies will really need from the middle part of their rotation to stay competitive throughout the summer.

Every position player in the starting lineup had at least one hit. However good that is, it’s even better that the Rockies also got four home runs — one each from David Dahl, Carlos González, Nolan Arenado, and Ian Desmond. CarGo’s should have really counted for two home runs though.

Middle relief trouble

There were a couple blemishes. Mike Dunn continued his struggles, as he walked two batters and allowed a single in the eight inning to load the bases with nobody out (Adam Ottavino and Ryan McMahon saved the day with a double play). Then, Brooks Pounders loaded the bases in the ninth — twice. That resulted in a run allowed and a Wade Davis appearance to secure a six-run lead.

With Chris Rusin and Bryan Shaw having troubles of their own, the Rockies middle relievers are starting to become a liability, and that can put pressure on the rotation to give more length and the back of the rotation to take on more innings.

What’s next

The Rockies and Giants play an early evening Memorial Day game tomorrow, with the first pitch scheduled for 5:10 MT. Chad Bettis will start for the Rockies, and Andrew Suárez will start for the Giants.