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Purple Dinosaur Podcast Episode 135: Is Jon Gray An Ace™ and why it doesn’t matter

Connor Farrell of Football Friday stops by on this episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast

Is Jon Gray An Ace™ or is he not An Ace™? That is the question on the minds of some corners of Rockeis Twitter, and on this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast, we attempt to parse what is a complicated and layered discussion by pointing out one overriding thing question hanging over that question itself: what’s the point of that conversation? If Jon Gray is An Ace™, then that’s great. Everyone wants An Ace™ and would love for Jon Gray to be An Ace™. But if Jon Gray is not An Ace™, as we have been constantly told on Twitter he is not, what’s the end game to that conversation? Telling Jon Gray? Applying for a loan at the Federal Ace™ Relief Department? Mining the South Platte for An Ace™?

The conversation about Jon Gray needs to go deeper and showcase what’s been bad and what hasn’t been so bad. We try to shed some light on those things in this week’s show.

Plus, we all know that Rockies Twitter is not deserving of Connor Farrell (some might call him our own Ace™), but we have him anyway. Connor stops by the show to give his thoughts on Jon Gray, Kyle Freeland, the Rockies’ start to 2018, and to tell us about his new podcast, “That Guy Sucks!” which you should search for and subscribe to right now.

All that and more on this week’s edition of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Mix it up and stain your deck with it!