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Colorado Rockies sweep the Mets

Rockies news and links for May 7, 2018

Kyle Freeland comes up clutch as Rockies sweep the Mets | Mile High Sports

Kyle Freeland looked fantastic against the New York Mets, helping the Rockies achieve a 5-0 record for May. He pitched seven strong innings, leading to a real quality start. While he struggled in the first inning, Freeland overcame the two hits and delivered six innings with only one hit. He provided when his team needed him the most, helping the Rockies sweep the Mets. With eight strikeouts and only one walk, Freeland helped his team overcome some offensive difficulties. Ian Desmond was, surprisingly, the one to come up with runs for the Rockies. With a return to Denver against the Angels, the Rockies are hoping for more successful offense as well as impressive pitching.

Saunders: Looking beyond the numbers gave me a real measure of Rockies Adam Ottavino | Denver Post ($)

Recently, we have seen some new statistics rise in importance in baseball, like launch angles, wRC+, and BAPIP, but Adam Ottavino’s performance goes beyond these numbers. Patrick Saunders has a lot to say about Ottavino as a person and a player, not just a combination of numbers. Ottavino struggled in the 2017 season, but so far, 2018 seems like his year. His parents are both super supportive of him and his career, and they create to-do lists for their son in his professional career. Honestly, whatever Ottavino is doing is working, so I say keep it up.

Happy 87th Birthday, Willie Mays! | McCovey Chronicles

Willie Mays has made a huge mark on all of baseball. His accomplishments are innumerable, and it’s impossible to think of baseball without him. He’s an incredible player, and we wish him a very happy 87th birthday.