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What the Rockies hope to see in Chuck Nazty this summer

Rockies news and links for June 1, 2018

Colorado Rockies: Chuck keeps getting Naztier and Naztier | Rox Pile

Charlie Blackmon has become more and more of a fan favorite in Denver as the years have gone by. His numbers have continued to improve with every season. Chuck Nazty is that rare kind of player who not only has the talent to play well, but the learning ability and commitment to continuously improve. When the Rockies signed the six-year deal with Blackmon, many of us wondered what this could mean down the line, primarily as it concerns Nolan Arenado. We also kind of have to wonder what kind of performance Blackmon can deliver as he gets older. We’ve seen Chuck in a bit of a slump lately, with some injuries and struggles offensively. However, I think we can maintain hopes that Charlie Blackmon will give us Chuck Nazty well into the future.

With surging Dodgers rolling into town and Adam Ottavino on disabled list, a consistent identity for Rockies’ middle relievers is imperative | Denver Post ($)

In Wednesday night’s game against the Padres, Jon Gray got pulled pretty early after giving up two runs on walks. Scott Oberg and Chris Rusin had solid outings, but Harrison Musgrave and Jake McGee lost their battles. This is a microcosm of the entire bullpen this year. They have been far too inconsistent. With Adam Ottavino, the one solid bullpen guy, moved to the DL with some soreness, the bullpen needs to get it together. What’s tricky, though, is the fact that the starting pitching is leaving runners for the bullpen to take care of. They’re not being well set up, and they’ve been unable to deliver. The middle relievers and closers have the potential, unquestionably, but they need to be able to regain their confidence and win games.

MLB teams spent record $289 million on draft picks in 2017 | Denver Post ($)

As the years have gone on, the MLB has seen an increase on expenditures in the draft. Teams are focusing more and more on how and when they spend their money, and their budgets are watched with infinite care. We’ll see how this year’s draft goes, in a season where many are struggling to find their groove.

Around Baseball

Women’s baseball trailblazers reflect on the league, 75 years after its founding | SB Nation

Nicole Haase at SB Nation chronicles the history of women’s baseball. It’s been immortalized in A League of Their Own, where we saw women trying to balance their love of the sport with societal pressures to be the stereotypical woman. It’s a very fine line, one that many of the women playing baseball had a tough time walking, but they were strong and feminine, and represent a crucial part of the history of baseball.