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Rockies bright spots in the midst of struggle

Rockies news and links for June 11, 2018

Saunders: Adam Ottavino, Kyle Freeland and Nolan Arenado garner Rockies early awards | Denver Post ($)

Patrick Saunders at the Denver Post tries to look at the positives on a rough stretch for the Rockies. In these dark days, he reminds us of the good stuff on the team. We have to look forward to the return of Adam Ottavino, who was practically unstoppable on the mound before his injury. There’s also good news in Kyle Freeland (who has delivered markedly better than starter Jon Gray and reliever Bryan Shaw). We can still have high hopes for some good hitting out of Nolan Arenado. Then there’s Trevor Story, Charlie Blackmon, and Carlos Gonzalez, who have all shown real promise for some powerful hitting this season. The jury’s still out on Ian Desmond, who started the season off in a real bad way, but whose long ball and defensive performance have given us a little hope. One thing we really want to see, though, is an improvement at Coors Field for the Rockies.

Decision making, pitching dooms Rockies in embarrassing sweep to Diamondbacks | Mile HIgh Sports

The Rockies had another tough loss on Sunday to the Diamondbacks. This marks their seventh straight loss at home, an unusual statistic for the Rockies at Coors Field. It was actually a good start, with only one run for the Diamondbacks in the first five innings. It started to fall apart in the sixth inning, with Arizona scoring three more runs. The Rockies scored two runs, but they could not contain the Diamondback’s offense. It’s not easy to watch the Rockies lose three devastating games to a division rival, but hopefully the Rockies can regain some ground as they start a six-game road trip.

Colorado Rockies trade targets: Bullpen targets from AL West, NL East | Rox Pile

The Rockies’ relievers are not providing much relief lately. After being promised that we would see a “super bullpen,” it’s a real bummer to see what’s been going on. And the hardest part to watch has been Bryan Shaw, whose performance in Saturday night’s game was dreadful. Shaw has been dreadful, and his continued appearances have shown what seems to be the Rockies’ strategy of letting players figure stuff out. Noah Yingling at Rox Pile examines some pitching options the Rockies might consider looking into, such as Alex Claudio, Jake Diekman, Blake Treinan, and Kyle Barraclaugh. It’s impossible to say if the Rockies are willing to look into any of these options, but perhaps they should.

Bridich staying the course despite struggles |

The Rockies’ record has been dropping, now below .500, but Jeff Bridich is standing by his team and their decisions. With the exception of Adam Ottavino, most of the bullpen has been struggling to perform. Despite this, Bridich says his plan is to weather this storm. Bridich knows that there is a ton of talent and potential on this Denver team, but they just need to find their way. He’s not looking externally, hoping to find answers to the Rockies’ problems within the team itself. This team is currently hard for fans to watch, especially at home, but Bridich is willing to wait it out to see if the Rockies can figure it all out.