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Colorado Rockies podcast: Rox in a rough patch

The Purple Dino Podcast talks pitching woes and answers your pressing questions

You can totally blame us. It’s ok.

The Rockies’ offense is the best in baseball over the last 10 days. Unfortunately, their pitching staff has, in large part, forgotten to be good alongside it. That has proven to be a big enough issue that it’s forced the Rockies well out of first place and into their roughest patch of the season. Will the return of Adam Ottavino be enough to stabilize the rest of the staff? If Thursday’s results are any indication after they cut the lead down to one run in the But tomorrow is another day.

Jeff Bridich had some interesting comments about Jon Gray earlier this week. We’ll discuss those and what it says about where the Rockies — and Jon Gray — are at this chapter in franchise history. (Hint: mostly positives!) Plus we field your #AskPDP questions from our World Cup cheering interests to what it would take for the Rockies to be sellers to what the heck ”our ass is in the jackpot” really means.

All that and more on this week’s episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Strap it to both sides of your batting helmet for a convenient and stylish dual C-flap look!