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Looking at the bright side for the Rockies

Rockies news and links for June 15, 2018

Colorado Rockies: Finding the one positive out of all the negatives | Rox Pile

Rockies fans are used to being cautiously optimistic when our boys are doing well. We keep an eye out for anything that might go wrong. This was our outlook for the beginning of this season, as we edged our way early on into first place in the division. Now, though, things have taken a turn. The Rockies have fallen below .500 for the year, Bryan Shaw is losing it, and things are not looking good. However, we are fans, and we don’t want to give up on our team. We must maintain our careful positivity and look for the good amongst the bad. One thing to cling to is the fact that the Rockies went through a similar bad stretch last year, yet they were still able to make the playoffs. The situation is a little different this year, but there’s some good luck in the fact that the rest of the NL West is also struggling to find its way. We’ve hit a rough patch, but so far there hasn’t been one team that’s running away with it, so the Rockies still have a chance for the 2018 season.

Story breaks up no-hitter, but Rox fall to Phils |

Trevor Story has been on fire lately, and it was his hit in Thursday’s game that broke up the no-hitter. It was not enough to claim the win though, and the Rockies have now lost 10 of their last 13 games. Another bright spot for the Rockies was Ryan McMahon getting his first major league home run. After having a rough start in the big leagues, McMahon got some more confidence in himself playing in Albuquerque and now seems to be getting it all together. German Marquez had some bad moments in the game, but overall pitched pretty well. Bud Black was supportive of the starter, claiming that the numbers don’t necessarily show how well he did. Regardless, the Rockies could not compete with Vince Velasquez and the Phillies, losing the series.

Adam Ottavino activated from DL by Rockies, Colorado options Jerry Vastos to Triple-A | Denver Post ($)

In a move that has many Rockies fans very excited, Adam Ottavino has been activated from the DL. I’m not saying that all of the Rockies’ issues stemmed from losing their bullpen star, but we definitely won’t be upset to see him back on the mound. Bud Black is ready to put him right in there, letting him dive back in rather than waiting on a slow return. A counterpart to this move is optioning Jerry Vastos to Albuquerque. Vastos pitched in Sunday’s game, giving up three runs off three hits.