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Rockies 9, Rangers 5: Ian Desmond, Colorado offense bails out Chad Bettis

Rockies bounce back from five-run, first-inning deficit

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Texas Rangers Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

On a night when it seemed like everything was going horribly wrong once again in the first inning, something strange happened tonight in Texas. The Rockies completely reversed course after a dreadful first inning and won the series opener 9-5.

Anything you can do, the Rockies can do better

Normally, when a team is on a 3-10 skid and the starting pitcher gives up five runs in the first inning, that’s not a winning recipe. That’s exactly the situation the Rockies found themselves in going into the second inning in Texas. Chad Bettis had a disastrous first inning allowing two home runs and five runs to put the struggling Rockies in a 5-0 hole. There were probably a lot of TVs getting turned off as fans thought here we go again. Then this happened:

Ian Desmond strikes again

After his grounder to end the third inning rally that he started off with the homer, Ian Desmond hit second home of the game, and 14th of the season, in the fifth inning. Desmond’s production on the road this season, has been surprisingly good with 11 homers on the road. If he could just match it at Coors, he may finally silence his critics.


Instead of the usual Nolan Arenado highlight play at third base, I give you this .gif of Nolan trying out a new position.

Unfortunately, for everyone watching the game, Joey Gallo struck out when the Rockies employed their four man outfield shift strategy, so we were deprived of the opportunity of seeing Arenado’s glove in play in the outfield.

Nolan did break out of his offensive slump in a big way tonight though. Nolan hit two doubles and home run and was a big part of the Rockies offensive explosion. Also, tonight's epic comeback may be attributed to this doll being in the dugout tonight