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More bad news for struggling Rockies reliever Bryan Shaw

Rockies news and links for June 25, 2018

Colorado Rockies do the right thing by sitting Bryan Shaw down | Rox Pile

Oh, Bryan Shaw, what has happened to you? I guess a right calf strain, sending him down to the 10-day DL. This is a bit of a merciful move, as he has been battling for a while now to live up to our expectations. Admittedly, these expectations were set high, but his performance is totally below what we could have expected to see from him. He gave up his first grand slam in Saturday’s game before getting booed off the field yet again. Shaw has struggled with consistency and location in his pitches, and there’s got to be an element of where he’s at in his own head. Yency Almonte will take his place, being called back up after getting sent down in favor of Pat Valaika. Here’s hoping that Shaw’s stint on the disabled list will give him some time to rest and get himself figured out. The Rockies very much need a Bryan Shaw who can deliver.

Colorado Rockies need a struggling Chad Bettis to find answers | Rox Pile

Chad Bettis is another Rockies pitcher trying to fight his way through a slump. When we look at his numbers as of the last couple months, there’s a trend that does not bode well. He hasn’t had many strikeouts, but that’s not unheard of for Bettis. Even when he’s on fire, he’s not a big strikeout pitcher. However, when we take a look at his BABIP, ERA, and FIP (Field Independent Pitching), we can see that slump evident in the numbers. It’s hard to say what the root of the problem is for Bettis. His sweet spot is usually finding the right location and control to deliver pitches that will allow for soft hits and easy outs. Of late, he hasn’t been achieving either of those. Chad Bettis is looking for another comeback story, which would be good right now for a slipping Rockies pitching staff.

Rockies fall to Marlins, ending homestand on sour note | Mile High Sports

After a stormy Sunday afternoon, German Marquez struggled to find his bearings in the start of the game. The offense fought hard, with Trevor Story getting two RBIs and Gerardo Parra knocking in a home run. The Rockies ended their seven-game homestand with a 4-3 record, which is a bit disappointing after what looked like might be a chance to regain some ground at home. The boys still aren’t accepting any kind of fate yet, but pitching needs to be able to maintain consistency if they want to stand a chance.

Arenado HRs again, strengthens All-Star bid |

In some better Rockies news, Nolan Arenado is showing us how much of an All-Star he is. He’s hit a home run in five of the last six games, and has rounded up 55 RBIs for the season so far. Arenado works very hard, and it absolutely shows. He doesn’t like to think of himself as being a hot hitter, but focuses more on feeling good and maintaining confidence in his play. So be sure to go vote for your favorite third-baseman.