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Giants 3, Rockies 2: Rockies find new way to lose typical AT&T Park game

Late, close, and heartbreaking. Must be in San Francisco

The Colorado Rockies played in San Francisco against the Giants on Tuesday night, and you won’t believe what happened next. It was a low-scoring game that came down to a scrappy Giants rally and resulted in a heartbreaking 3-2 loss.

Adam Ottavino gets squeezed

Bud Black made it clear that he wanted this game, stretching out starter Chad Bettis and then going straight to Ottavino for a multi-inning appearance, trying his darndest to avoid literally the rest of the bullpen. Unfortunately Ottavino fought his command and some bad luck and gave up a run in his second inning of work.

After the Giants loaded the bases with dribblers and other Giants stuff, Ottavino struck out Gorkys Hernandez looking at least twice. Unfortunately home plate umpire John Tumpane didn’t agree, and Ottavino officially walked in the winning run.

The Rockies missed opportunities

The most glaring miss occurred with runners on the corners and nobody out. Gerardo Parra, Chad Bettis, and DJ LeMahieu all struck out. We’ll let Chad off the hook. Carlos Gonzalez later had a chance to drive in the go-ahead run and grounded out.

As it so often is, the late heartbreak was set up by missed chances earlier in the game. To end the night they also had the tying run on second before LeMahieu grounded into a game-ending double play.

Ian Desmond, power hitter

The Rockies first baseman slugged his 16th home run to get the team on the board and then tied the game late with a line drive triple. We can enjoy his offense when he plays well without re-litigating the mountains of manure that got us here. Honestly, we can. He can be a difference maker and he shows it with nights like this.

Looking ahead

The Rockies will try to bounce back Wednesday with Kyle Freeland on the mound against Madison Bumgarner.