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Colorado Rockies podcast: PDP answers uncomfortable questions

It’s an #AskPDP episode

It hasn’t been super fun to be a Rockies fan lately, and we recognize that. While we didn’t necessarily think we were going to get to this point in a 2018 season that came with such strong expectations, it’s time for one of those episodes where we just try to make you laugh. After getting some Rockies discussion out of the way early, we’re off and running into a full #AskPDP episode that includes such topics as Are Uncrustables A Sandwich Or Ravioli? Which All-Time Rockies Players Would Make For The Most Uncomfortable ESPN Body Issue Participants? and Which Australian Baseball League Team Is Right For You?

We do actually talk some real baseball in this week’s show including what exactly the likelihood is that the Rockies are anything approaching “sellers” when the trade deadline hits, what that could mean for Nolan Arenado (nothing), DJ LeMahieu (possibly something), and Adam Ottavino (I’ll die).

All that and more jam-packed into the 139th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Take some awkward unclothed pictures with it!