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Dodgers 10, Rockies 7: Rox swept at home

The Dodgers scored three in the ninth to finish off the Rockies

The Rockies and Dodgers were tied at 7 heading into the ninth inning, but Wade Davis gave up three runs, including a nail-in-the-coffin two-run home run to Yasmani Grandal. Los Angeles’s 10-7 win completed the Coors Field sweep for the Dodgers. This loss coupled with the Diamondbacks’ win against the Marlins also means the Rockies lost control of first place in the National League West.

Good starts only go so far

The Rockies tagged Dodgers starting pitcher Alex Wood for six runs in the first two innings, which pushed him from the game. Wood hit a batter and walked another to give the Rockies two of those six runs. Colorado took advantage of a shaky start from Wood and led 6-1 after two innings.

Unfortunately, Chad Bettis wasn’t very sharp either. By the time he left the game in the sixth inning, it was 6-5 in favor of the Rockies. And by the time that sixth inning finally ended, the Dodgers were up 7-6. The Rockies were able to tie it up in the seventh, but that only set up the ninth inning heartbreak that came later.

What’s next

After an off day on Monday, the Rockies will begin a short three-game road trip to Cincinnati on Tuesday.