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Fixing the Rockies isn’t black and white, but it might be Gray

Rockies news and links for June 4, 2018

Gray making adjustments after recent struggles |

The Rockies have put a lot of faith in Jon Gray for the 2018 season. Despite a rough end to last year and some tough times in spring training, the Rockies started Jon Gray on Opening Day. He’s been pretty consistently slumping since then. We’ve seen some of the greatness he can produce every now and then, but overall, he’s been kind of hard to watch. Thomas Harding at claims that the Rockies improvement could rely entirely on Jon Gray’s improvement. A lot of it is getting back to basics. Hand placement and release are areas he needs work. The Rockies have stuck with him for a long time, and he’s clearly worthwhile, so we just have to give him time to find his way again.

As technology has evolved, Rockies video coordinator Brian Jones’ role has also become critically important to on-field success | Denver Post

Brian Jones is not necessarily a household name for many Rockies fans. However, his job is absolutely crucial. His setup is kind of a cutting-edge dream. Screens that used to be crammed into a small room now have a much larger space dedicated to studying video. Jones has been with the Rockies since 2002, and he has seen leaps and bounds in technology that have completely changed the way he can do his job. With digitalization and screen improvements, Jones can now deliver just about anything that the players want to take a closer look at. In addition to being an ace at video analysis, he’s also involved with scouting reports and provides input on potential roster changes for the Rockies’ opponents. So thank you, Brian Jones, for being awesome at what you do.

Rockies squander another lead in pitiful sweep by Dodgers | Mile High Sports

The Rockies in June have developed a very disappointing habit of getting an early lead, then blowing it. After their serious offensive inabilities, it is encouraging to see them getting solid hits and not stranding runners, but now we’ve got a whole new problem. In another yo-yo-ing of problems, now it’s the bullpen that’s battling real issues and the starters are getting work done. As we get into June, hopefully the Rockies can level everything out and show us what they can really do.

Colorado Rockies podcast: How to solve the bullpen’s current struggles | Rox Pile

Jake Shapiro at Rox Pile takes a stab at how to fix some of the pitching flaws the Rockies have been displaying lately. His primary solution is to look pretty close to home, down in the minors. Jeff Hoffman and Antonio Senzatela are both playing in Albuquerque, and they are both pitchers who have been able to deliver. There’s also been the suggestion of juggling around the roster. Maybe Jon Gray could work in the bullpen. And we’re all holding our breath for the return of Adam Ottavino. That’ll be a great day for the Rockies.

For the Mets, everything that could go wrong has gone wrong | SB Nation

Turns out the Mets are not immune to the 2018 troubles. After starting nearly impossibly strong, now just about anything that could go wrong, has. Injuries, bad playing, the Mets are having to put out fires everywhere, both figurative and literal. What’s the deal with 2018?