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MLB Draft 2018 results: Day 3 schedule, picks, and Rockies live tracker

Rounds 11-40 on Wednesday will conclude this year’s draft for the Rockies

Ten rounds are in the books and thirty more rounds remain for the Rockies in the 2018 MLB Draft. Coverage resumes on at 10 a.m. MT on Wednesday and will run until all 1,214 picks (900 today in rounds 11-40) are in the books. You can follow MLB’s live updating tracker, or you can stream all the action on

Yesterday the Rockies went very college heavy, just like last year's day 2. They selected four pitchers (three righties, one lefty) and four hitters. Almost each of these players played in the prostigious Cape Cod League last summer, though the arms drafted look to be more in a bullpen mode, while the hitters seem to have one or two tools that the Rockies must be hoping they can develop. Personally I'm hoping ninth round pick Willie MacIver out of the University of Washington can get really inventive behind the plate. Anne Rogers of had a great overview of Tuesday's picks here.

The Rockies will pick 22nd in every round from here on out, with their first pick of the day coming at 336th overall. You can follow all of this live on or on Twitter @MLBDraft. If you want every pick dropped right into your Twitter feed as it happens, you can follow @MLBDraftTracker. You can find everything else you need to know about the Rockies’ draft here. MLB also has a list of best available players here.

Rockies MLB Draft Class of 2018

Rd Pick Player Pos. School Signed Slot Value
Rd Pick Player Pos. School Signed Slot Value
1 22 Ryan Rolison LHP U. of Mississippi Signed $2,912,300
CBA 42 Grant Lavigne 1B Bedford (NH) HS Signed $1,704,000
2c 76 Mitchell Kilkenny RHP Texas A&M Signed $787,200
3 96 Terrin Vavra SS Minnesota Signed $581,900
4 126 Ryan Feltner RHP Ohio State Signed $424,700
5 156 Jacob Bird RHP UCLA Signed $323,800
6 186 Niko Decolati 3B Loyola Marymount Signed $249,600
7 216 Andrew Quezada RHP Cal State Fullerton Signed $195,700
8 246 Nick Bush LHP LSU Signed $160,700
9 276 Willie MacIver C Washington $145,900
10 306 Cade Harris 3B Oklahoma Signed $138,100
11 336 PJ Poulin LHP UConn Signed $125,000
12 366 Kyle Datres 3B North Carolina $125,000
13 396 Rayne Supple RHP Wake Forest Signed $125,000
14 426 Will Tribucher LHP Michigan Signed $125,000
15 456 Coco Montes SS South Florida Signed $125,000
16 486 Boby Johnson RHP Bradley Signed $125,000
17 516 Reese Berberet 3B Long Beach CC Signed $125,000
18 546 Shelby Lackey RHP Pacific Signed $125,000
19 576 Zach Hall OF UC Colorado Springs Signed $125,000
20 606 Luke Morgan OF College of Charleston Signed $125,000
21 636 Hunter Stovall 2B Mississippi State $125,000
22 666 Jacob Barnwell C Ohio State Signed $125,000
23 696 Colten Schmidt LHP Louisiana - Lafayette Signed $125,000
24 726 Trent Fennel RHP Barton College Signed $125,000
25 756 Robert Metz 2B George Washington U Signed $125,000
26 786 Will Gollsan OF U of Mississippi Signed $125,000
27 816 Eric Hepple RHP Central Florida Signed $125,000
28 846 John Cresto 3B Santa Clara University Signed $125,000
29 876 Miguel Ausua LHP Oral Roberts Signed $125,000
30 906 Colton Harlow LHP James Madison Signed $125,000
31 936 Joel Condreay RHP Whitworth College Signed $125,000
32 966 Reagan Todd LHP Colorado Mesa Signed $125,000
33 996 Nick Pogue RHP Eau Gallie (FL) HS $125,000
34 1026 Jake Moberg RHP Vista Murrieta (CA) HS $125,000
35 1056 Sean Mullen RHP Stockdale (CA) HS $125,000
36 1086 Cayden Zimmerman SS Rock Canyon (CO) HS $125,000
37 1116 Easton McMurray LHP Liberty (CA) HS $125,000
38 1146 Kumar Rocky RHP North Oconee (GA) HS $125,000
39 1176 Isaiah Thomas OF The Benjamin School (FL) $125,000
40 1206 Brett Auerbach C Saddleback College $125,000