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Purple Dinosaur Podcast Episode 136: Ian Desmond and Carlos Gonzalez...are...good again?

The PDP guys talk about turnarounds and opportunities

A true rarity in PDP history: a show recording DURING a Rockies game! And they were winning while we recorded! And then...

On this week’s edition of the show, we give credit where credit is due: Ian Desmond has been solid as of late. We discuss his resurgence and how it impacts the Rockies lineup in a positive way going forward. Speaking of resurgence, Carlos Gonzalez has looked like someone turned his internal clock back five years, and it’s been among the most exciting recent developments in baseball. Can the 32-year-old outfielder keep it up, and what does THAT do for the Rockies lineup?

And then there was that Dodgers series. Hooooo boy, that Dodgers series. We discuss at length, what it said about the current state of the Rockies (and the Dodgers) and what it could mean going forward. Good teams learn from their most embarrassing moments. Unfortunately, the Rockies’ bullpen has had a lot of those lately. With the D-backs coming to town this weekend, the Rox have an opportunity to make some progress. Doing so will require better execution than during that Dodgers series (and the game during which we recorded this!).

All that and more on the 136th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Write it on a piece of cardboard and carry it to the top of a 14er for a nice dating app picture!