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Ian Desmond might be turning it around with the Rockies

Rockies news and links for June 8, 2018

Colorado Rockies: Is Ian Desmond turning things around at the plate? | Rox Pile

Ian Desmond has not been a crowd favorite in Denver so far this season. We’ve been waiting and waiting to see his veteran leadership and strong offense come through. With his low batting average and less than impressive performance, many of us have wondered if we’d ever see that Desmond. And while it’s probably too soon to say that he’s all better, we can tentatively say that Desmond is looking better. We know he had a good May. Overall his hitting is looking way better, with good launch angles and power. It’s definitely nothing spectacular, but it’s a vast improvement from what we had seen in the first stretch of the season. He’s certainly done well with the long ball too, right behind Charlie Blackmon and Nolan Arenado for home runs. If Desmond can continue on in this trend, we might see him start to earn that big paycheck he’s getting. This would be a big boost for the Rockies.

Rox lose in 13th after ‘pen lets lead slip away |

Mike Dunn was vocal about his sub-par performance in Thursday morning’s games against the Reds. The team aspect that exists in baseball is different than in many sports, as it is still largely individual. Dunn states, though, that he feels like he didn’t do his part for the Rockies after they were able to put together some good offense and led going into the eighth inning. Dunn’s not the only one battling, and Bud Black addressed this issue. He acknowledges that the bullpen needs work, and says that this is constantly something they’re working on. Overall, it wasn’t a terrible game, but it is a bummer to see the Rockies miss out on the chance to sweep the Reds at the Great American Ballpark.

Colorado Rockies: They are a Bi-Polar team | Rox Pile

The Rockies are still figuring themselves out, and their wildly different playing styles from game to game show that they’re not quite there yet. They’re up, they’re down. Defense is phenomenal, offense is dreadful. Offense gets going, but the bullpen can’t finish games. Very little has been consistent with the Rockies, except their inconsistencies. They need to get their act together if they stand a chance at another trip to the playoffs in 2018.