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Colorado Rockies podcast: Rox surge just in time to make the trade deadline difficult

Purple Dino Podcast 141 talks the Rockies excellent weeks of baseball, and decisions for the trade deadline

With their season on the line, the Rockies have responded with some of their best ball. That might all be hyperbole, but it doesn’t feel like it. At the end of June, Colorado looked dead in the water in the National League West. What has followed is four straight series wins including a big series victory over the D-backs this week at Coors Field. We’ll talk about the resurgence and what has keyed some of it.

Plus, the major league All-Star Break is later than ever this year. That puts teams in a bind when it comes to the trade deadline, which is just two weeks after the ASG. Will the Rockies be buyers or sellers, and with so many attractive sale pieces, could they still make deals to acquire young talent without it signaling they’re throwing in the towel on the 2018 races?

Antonio Senzatela is headed to the disabled list, and Chad Bettis’s return from it will be delayed. What options do the Rockies have as their rotation hits a rough patch during this midsummer stretch?

All that and more is here in the 141st episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Use it as an additive in your gas tank once a month to keep things running smoothly!