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Rockies podcasts to tide you over during the All-Star Break

Yes, there’s baseball, but not Rockies baseball. Here are some podcasts to check out while the Rockies are off

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The week of the All-star Game is a break in a long baseball season. (I’ll be catching up on the second season of GLOW.) But after two days, I find myself missing Rockies baseball and needing a fix that isn’t available until Friday. Times like this are what Rockies podcasts are for, and there are a number of choices.

For me, ideally, a podcast provides a new perspective, makes me feel like I’m participating in a conversation, and is (generally) consistent in terms of length so that I can plan. I realize I can return to a podcast, but I seldom do since there is usually new and more timely podcast content available somewhere else.

Here’s what’s available, arranged in alphabetical order.

Blake Street Irregulars

Host: Shawn Drotar

This podcast is part of Mile High Sports (AM 1340 and FM 104.7). Generally, Drotar talks with other analysts about the Rockies.

What’s good about it? The production — this podcast always sounds excellent, and Drotar and his guests know the Rockies.

What’s less good about it? A lack of insight — I seldom feel like I’ve learned anything new after listening to this podcast. It’s just sports talk radio, which isn’t my thing, though it works for other listeners.

BSN Rockies Podcast

Host: Drew Creasman

This podcast is part of BSN Denver, which covers all Denver professional sports.

What’s good about it? Several things. First, I appreciate Creasman’s unfailingly positive attitude and consistent empathy. For him, the glass is half full, and I enjoy his takes on situations that can seem dire. Occasionally, he visits with other analysts. He also encourages interaction by using Facebook Live and by taking questions via Twitter, email, and voicemail. In addition, he sometimes includes audio snippets from press availabilities and gets interviews with coaches and players. Finally, he is tireless about producing podcasts, even during the off-season when little seems to be going on.

What’s less good about it? The lack of predictability in terms of episode length. This has improved, with Creasman more often going for 45-50 minutes. I realize that sometimes events happen that require more discussion, and I suspect this stems from Creasman’s attempts to answer as many listener-submitted questions as he can. But on the whole, I value consistency.

On the Rocks

Hosts: Patrick Saunders and Kyle Newman

This podcast is part of the Denver Post.

What’s good about it? This podcast provides the kind of behind-the-scenes access veteran reporters get because they work at The Post. Also, they answer listeners’ questions, but it’s not a consistent focus.

What’s less good about it? The production (at times). I’m a fan of Patrick Saunders, but I wish he would get a better recording setup. His mic volume is often different from that of the interview subjects, which means having to readjust the volume.

Purple Dinosaur Podcast

Hosts: Tyler Maun and Anthony Masterson

“The internet’s first — and unarguably best — Colorado Rockies podcast. Ever. In the history of Humanity” is part of Purple Row and SB Nation.

What’s good about it? This podcast is informative and fun. Because Maun and Masterson are both in the baseball journalism industry but outside of the Rockies’ sphere specifically, they have distinct understandings of the game and do a great job of talking to audiences with varying knowledge levels. They also solicit questions on Twitter (#AskPDP). This podcast is always fun, a bonus for something that’s supposed to be entertaining.

What’s less good about it? Sometimes it runs a bit long for me — over an hour.

Rockie Road Podcast

Hosts: Jake Shapiro and Jena Garcia

This podcast is affiliated with Rox Pile.

What’s good about it? Timeliness and diversity. Shapiro routinely has his podcast up soon after a game ends. If you still have a game on your mind but don’t have anyone to talk with, Shapiro is your person. His insight is solid, and he includes audio from player interviews.

In addition, he’s working to include Garcia, a bilingual reporter at La Onda Radio 1150 AM/96.1 FM, as a regular co-host. She provides a valuable perspective on the game. The episode “Trevor Story. . . All-Star” is a case in point as Garcia explains why Gonzalez and Parra are important bridges in the Rockies’ locker room. More of this, please.

What’s less good about it? Because Shapiro works multiple jobs, he’s not able to podcast after every game. That’s understandable, but it can be frustrating if you’ve come to depend on his podcasts for a post-game debrief. Also, Garcia isn’t (yet) appearing regularly.

The Rockpile Talkpile

Hosts: Zach (/u/zactch17), John (/u/jfoster15), and Jason (/u/JSA17)

This is the podcast of the Official Subreddit of the Colorado Rockies

What’s good about it? Zach, John, and Jason like to get into the numbers. They know each other well, and it shows. Occasionally, other guests will sit in, which broadens the conversation.

What’s less good about it? It feels like a subreddit. In other words, It seems like they’re talking to each other and not to me — I’m just an uncomfortable eavesdropper. This is reinforced by the many episode synopses that begin with “The guys.”

The Athletic Denver

Host: Nate Kreckman

Kreckman is a Denver “sports radio dude” who hosts the podcast of The Athletic Denver and has, on one occasion, visited with Nick Groke.

What’s good about it? The quality of the questions and the production. Kreckman and Groke have a very smart conversation that’s also funny (wearing a seater to a Metallica concert in San Francisco, anyone?).

What’s less good about it? A lack of product. I hope Groke will be a regular contributor as this podcast continues the excellent work done by The Athletic.

Final Thoughts

I’d like to make a recommendation to podcast producers: Please add more women and people of color to provide a broader perspective. Jena Garcia brings an important voice to the table. There are more analysts who could do this — I write with some of them at Purple Row. I’d love to hear them interacting with the podcasters I’ve come to appreciate.

All of these podcasts share a love of the Rockies, and they take different approaches to commenting on the team based on their knowledge, interests, and understanding of their audience. It would also be interesting to see some podcast cross-pollination. What happens when, say, Jake Shapiro and Jena Garcia interact with Tyler Maun and Anthony Masterson?

As we head into the All-Star break, know there’s plenty of Rockies-related listening to fill the hours until the Rockies play the Diamondbacks on Friday.