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Three cheers for our Rockies All-Stars

Rockies news and links for July 16, 2018

A youth baseball coach in Texas fixed Trevor Story’s swing. Now the Rockies’ shortstop is an all-star | Denver Post ($)

Brandon Sherard’s text to Trevor Story after it was announced he’d be an All-Star was one that caught Story’s eye. Last year, we saw Story hit a bit of a sophomore slump. His swing was off, and he struck out way too many times. This year we’ve seen quite the comeback, right up to his walk-off home run in Sunday’s game. There are plenty of people to thank for his improvement, like coaches and teammates, but Story gives special credit to Sherard, who has been there to help him with baseball since he was a kid. Sherard expresses that Story has always had amazing work ethic. He poured his heart and soul into baseball, and took his natural talent and worked to transform it into something more. After his rough 2017, Story turned to his old coach and friend for help. They worked tirelessly, watching video and breaking down his swing. And it has paid off. Nolan Arenado, another intense devotee to the sport, admires what he has seen in Story and his evolution. Well done, Story, and congrats on being and All-Star.

Colorado Rockies VIDEO: Nolan Arenado’s Top 10 defensive plays | Rox Pile

Time and time again, we see Nolan Arenado make incredible defensive plays. In just about every game, he does something that makes us scratch our heads and wonder how he did that. Saturday’s game was his walk-off bobblehead day, also reminding us that he can be fantastic on both sides of the game. Rox Pile put together a list of the Top 10, definitely not an easy task. Check out the videos and remember why Arenado has so many Gold Gloves and All-Star appearances. And then watch the slow motion replays and be even further astounded.

Davis uncovering new tricks of trade |

Recently, Wade Davis was seeing some unexpected movement on his fastball, particularly at home at Coors Field. So he went back to basics, working on mechanics of footing and motion. Ever since then he’s dominated, putting up a 1.64 ERA and holding them to a .132 batting average. Bud Black was not worried about Davis, as in a season with 162 games, there’s a lot of ups and downs for the players. As we head into the All-Star break, Davis is throwing more strikes with more speed, and it seems to me like his mechanics are working very well for him. We can hope that this continues for him when we return from the break.