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Things looking up for the Rockies at the All-Star break

Rockies news and links for July 18, 2018

Colorado Rockies: What worked well before the All-Star break | Rox Pile

The Rockies are finally starting to pull it together and look like winners. Batters are connecting, pitchers are finding their sweet spots; it’s good news. After a really rough June, the Rockies are showing us that they can be contenders in the 2018 season. First off, there’s Kyle Freeland, who’s been absolutely phenomenal on the mound. Among some inconsistent starting pitchers, Freeland is the rock who can play well into the game and strikeout some gnarly opponents. He’s capable at home and on the road, and that is invaluable. Tyler Anderson is also doing his part, showing us a scoreless eight innings in the Fourth of July game.

Then Jon Gray got called back up and reminded us of what he can do. The bullpen is also starting to earn its keep. Scott Oberg, Adam Ottavino, and Wade Davis are making sure to finish what the starters and the offense got going. Speaking of the offense, those bats are heating up for the Rockies. Carlos Gonzalez, Trevor Story, and Ian Desmond have stepped up and gotten the job done. Hopefully, the Rockies can return from the break, get Bryan Shaw and Jake McGee back on track, and finish strong.

5 reasons to love the MLB All-Star Game | SB Nation

Sure, many will say that the All-Star Game doesn’t really matter, and to some degree, it doesn’t. The score, the hits, etc., won’t count after the game’s done. But it’s still fun. We get to watch as all the stars are announced along the foul lines, to cheers or boos and sometimes both. It’s a chance to find out more about players around the league. Some fantastic matchups arise as star pitchers face star hitters. We get to see players from every team. And there’s bound to be some great moments during the game. Yeah, the numbers don’t matter, but we can still love the All-Star Game.

MLB All-Star Game 2018 live results: Score updates and highlights from Midsummer Classic | SB Nation

Check out some of the big moments from the All-Star Game Tuesday night, including Trevor Story’s home run to keep the NL in the game.