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Nolan Arenado just wants to win

Rockies news and links for July 25, 2018

Rockies Mailbag: Nolan Arenado update, MLB trade deadline, podcast talk and more | Denver Post ($)

It’s mailbag time again at the Denver Post, where Patrick Saunders answers questions sent in by fans. The first is something that’s on a lot of our minds: what’s going to happen with Nolan Arenado. It’s no surprise to anyone that Arenado wants to win, and he made his frustration clear last month. He’s not going anywhere this season, but it will have to be discussed pretty soon. He’s going to be a hot commodity, but Arenado’s ready to focus on winning all the games he can in 2018 to see what kind of playoff chances the Rockies have. Next Saunders talks about the trade deadline looming nearer and nearer. With Manny Machado making the move to the Dodgers, not to mention the lack of a left-handed reliever, the Rockies might need to consider making some moves. He also talks about retiring numbers at Coors Field, the possibility of October baseball in Denver, and German Marquez potentially working as a pinch hitter.

Colorado Rockies: A letter of apology to Ian Desmond | Rox Pile

A couple of months back, Ian Desmond was not a popular guy in Denver. He couldn’t get his swing, grounding out time and time again. However, this past month, he’s been looking like the guy we wanted him to be the whole time. He’s proven himself at first base, and worked his way up to an impressive slash line. His defense has been indefatigable, and he’s worked as a good target for Nolan Arenado, DJ LeMahieu, and Trevor Story in the infield. It’s thrilling to see him live up to what we wanted him to be, and if the Rockies want to have any hopes for the playoffs, we need to continue to see this kind of play from Desmond.

Rusin to DL with foot injury; Musgrave reinstated |

Chris Rusin has gone on the 10-day DL with plantar fasciitis in his foot. Harrison Musgrave will come back from the DL to take his place. Rusin has had a tough go of it in 2018 after a consistent 2017. This is his second stint on the DL this season, and hopefully he can take the time to work out some issues he might have.