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Could Greg Holland come back to Denver?

Rockies news and links for July 30, 2018

Colorado Rockies and Greg Holland “talking” about a minor league deal | Rox Pile

The Rockies have reportedly been talking to former Denver pitcher Greg Holland about a major league deal. Holland was fantastic for the Rockies, producing save after save. There was talk in the offseason about the Rockies potentially signing another deal with him, but it just never worked out. If the Rockies were to sign Holland, they could risk very little by playing him in the minor leagues. It’s been a rough season for Holland this year, but he could work on figuring that out on the smaller stage. If he returned to the Rockies system, he would join Wade Davis, a former teammate with the Royals. Regardless, this could be an interesting move for the Rockies.

Kiszla: Rockies have shot to win World Series because of 3 words we’ve never heard at Coors Field: Championship. Quality. Pitching. | Denver Post ($)

After spending a record amount of money on a pitching staff, with plenty of ups and downs, the Rockies pitching staff is finally showing that it can do what it takes to get to the postseason and the World Series. The starters are setting it up well, keeping the opposition, at the very least, within reach, and often helping build a lead. The Rockies are currently in a really good spot, as they have figured out their pitching woes, gotten an offense going, and have Nolan Arenado, one of the top players in the league. If the Rockies stand a chance at winning in the postseason, now very well could be the time.

Brendan Rodgers promoted to Triple-A Albuquerque | Purple Row

There has been a lot of talk about Brendan Rodgers and his role with the Rockies this year. He has easily been thought of as a top prospect, and we saw some of his stuff early on this year. He now has moved up to Triple-A in Albuquerque. This is a big step for Rodgers, and hopefully he can continue to develop and we’ll see him again at Coors Field soon.

McMahon rejoins Rox after hot Triple-A stretch |

Ryan McMahon has been a hot prospect for the Rockies in 2018. He struggled to find his swing, and just when it started to look like maybe he found it, McMahon got sent back to the minor leagues. Here’ hoping that he can remain a dominant presence for the Rockies. So far so good, as he played first base in Sunday’s game, also swinging the bat pretty well. Noel Cuevas is going down to the minors, leaving a bit of a gap in the outfield, but the Rockies have the depth to fill the spot. It’s good to see the Rockies shuffling around their lineup, as we could see something unexpected out of one of the prospects, now preferably McMahon.