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Rockies showing new life in July

Rockies news and links for July 6, 2018

Rockies have life again after series victories over NL West foes | Mile High Sports

July is looking far more promising for the Rockies than May and June. They came into the season with such high expectations and playoff hopes, but their performance thus far has been underwhelming. However, as we get into the heart of summer, the Rockies are starting to look like they are trying to prove something. They’ve won six of their last seven, despite a continued lackluster showing by the bullpen. Starting pitching is making up for it, though. They’ve been dominant, including Tyler Anderson’s performance in Wednesday’s game. The Rockies are at a potential turning point in their season, and the next few games will tell us a lot. Anything can happen over the next couple weeks, and we’ll see if the Rockies can live up to their immense potential.

Meet Mark Razum, the groundskeeper who has made Coors Field green since 1994 | Denver Post ($)

Many of us go to Coors Field, ready to watch a game against the beautiful sunset over the mountains, enjoy some good food, and cheer on the Rockies. It can be all too easy to overlook the beauty of the field. It is a thing of beauty, though, and it’s largely due to the hard work of Mark Razum, who has been a groundskeeper for the stadium since before the field even opened. It’s incredibly hard work, and even has an impact on play. Flaws in the field can cause issues for players, such as a bad hop, or a snag while running. Razum has a lot on his plate to keep such an immense outfield pristine, and I’d say he does a wonderful job.

Rockies podcast: Adam Ottavino on the season, Bryan Shaw’s improvement and a pitch clock | Denver Post ($)

Adam Ottavino sits down with Denver Post’s Kyle Newman to talk about the 2018 season so far. He talks about his own success, as well as assures us that he’s seeing improvements in Bryan Shaw, who has been on the DL to get some rehab time in. Patrick Saunders also discusses Nolan Arenado’s impassioned comments about playing for the Rockies.

Colorado Rockies fans, please stop doing the wave | Rox Pile

When Wade Davis was pitching in Wednesday’s 1-0 game, the sold-out July 4th crowd did the wave. Kevin Henry at Rox Pile vehemently expresses his disdain for this, claiming the wave, if it’s to be done at all, should only be done in instances where your team is either way up or way down. In close games, though, where it can come down to one pitch, the wave might not be the best way to cheer on the pitcher. It might be fun to see the collection of fans joining together, but it has a time and a place. Tight situations are not that time.