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Colorado Rockies podcast: PDP on the Rox’ recent run of success

The 2018 Rockies we expected and hoped for have finally shown up

A week and a half from the All-Star Break, the Colorado Rockies have rediscovered some winning ways. After sweeping the San Francisco Giants, the Rockies are back to a game over .500 thanks to six wins in seven games. What’s keyed this run of success that feels much more like the team we expected in 2018 than the majority of 2018 has actually felt? For starters (heh), great starting pitching, but how much could be due to Nolan Arenado’s recent comments regarding his state of mind in a losing franchise? We’ll discuss.

Plus, the Jon Gray Ace Debate™ hit a new level last week with the news that the Rockies were sending their Opening Day starter down to Triple-A Albuquerque. There, Gray dominated in his first start back in the Pacific Coast League, but what can we learn about his bizarre 2018 to this point in the year? And with the rotation surging since his departure, where will he fit when the Rockies feel he’s ready to return to the Major Leagues?

Your favorite costumed baseball men travel to Seattle for a weekend series in what is sure to be the politest series in the history of Twitter when the American League Rockies play host to the National League Mariners. Remember when Josh Fogg pitched a Maddux there in one hour and 52 minutes in 2006? We do, and we somehow both remember exactly where we were and exactly what we were doing at the time. We know you’re dying to know, so we discuss that, too.

All that and more on the 140th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Honor Josh Fogg and paint into your Dragon Slayer canvas with it!