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Are you a Kyle Freeland Guy? Buy a Kyle Freeland Shirt

Show off your Kyle Freeland Status in style

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Kyle Freeland Guy’s (or however you identify) Rejoice! Breaking T and Purple Row (and Connor) have combined on a t-shirt that will make sure people know that you’re a Kyle Freeland Guy.

Not familiar or not sure if you’re a Kyle Freeland Guy? Then read this post I made about it! It’ll tell you that I am definitely a Kyle Freeland Guy and so are you (or however you identify!).

Kyle Freeland is an All-Star in our hearts and what better way to show your love for the 3.19 ERA and poofy hair having mad man himself than with these sweet threads?

Check this slick shirt out below, all the people you want to attract will be attracted to this shirt I promise you that! It comes in a styling purple color that Kyle would love and is complete with everyone’s favorite image of Kyle (the one where he’s pointing!).

Follow this link to pick up your awesome shirt from Breaking T and lock in your Kyle Freeland Status. All your friends will be jealous and Purple Row will be donating their commission to the Denver Mountain Parks Foundation to benefit parks education and revitalization around the Denver area. So you look sweet and you’re helping out the local environment too which is pretty sweet.

I’m a Kyle Freeland Guy and I need this shirt, I think you do too.