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Fire up the fountain of youth

Rockies news and links for August 10, 2018

Colorado Rockies youngsters succeeding behind regular playing time | Rox Pile

Both David Dahl and Ryan McMahon have seen some starts this week with the Rockies. They were each able to figure out their game in Triple-A. Playing in Albuquerque is a good way for young players to get at-bats and exposure to prepare to play in the major leagues. It’s good to see these players finding success, as they are able to fill in positions that could use some assistance: first base and left field. If they are able to continue to develop and improve, they could be a huge help for the Rockies toward the end of the season.

Colorado Rockies: Could they pick up Mark Reynolds through trade waivers? | Rox Pile

Mark Reynolds was a key component of the Rockies making it to the playoffs in the 2018 season. He commanded at first base defensively, and he provided some good power at bat. The Rockies had a chance to resign him for 2018, but they didn’t take it. He wasn’t picked up for a while, but was finally signed to a minor league deal with the Nationals. He made his way back up to the majors, although he hasn’t been able to have much playing time. If the Rockies could claim him on waivers, they might be able to utilize him better, giving him the at-bats that would show us the Reynolds of 2017. There are any number of pitchers that could be traded for him, and it could be a good low-risk move to help give the Rockies a better chance at reaching the postseason.

Kiszla: He’s not Chuck Nazty anymore. Would move from center field help Charlie Blackmon get his groove back? | Denver Post ($)

Charlie Blackmon is undoubtedly a crowd favorite in Denver. He can be forgiven for any number of things, just as long as he shows up. However, it might be time to think about moving him out of center field and put David Dahl there instead. Chuck Nazty has not been hitting as well as he has in the past, and he’s missed some plays out in center field. Don’t get me wrong, he’s made some good ones out there as well, but some younger legs might help in the outfield. This might be a difficult transition, as Blackmon is so well ensconced in his CF role. However, it could be worth it to see what this kind of a move could do for the Rockies.