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Rockies banding together for the rest of the season

Rockies news and links for August 13, 2018

Colorado Rockies morning after: RyMac and the return of LoDo magic | Rox Pile

The Rockies were shut out for the first eight innings in Saturday night’s game, as the Dodgers shut down any attempt at offense the Rockies put up. But then, lo and behold, Ryan McMahon stepped up to be the hero for the second night in a row. His three-run walk off home run was fantastic. As Bronco season is getting ready to start, Denver is starting to look toward the other stadium downtown, but the Rockies reminded us that they’re still hanging on. Even with star Nolan Arenado out with his sore shoulder, the boys in purple found a way to show they aren’t done with the season. The NL West is in some tight contention, and every game matters. The Rockies are now just one and a half games behind the Diamondbacks, and they are proving to us that they can go all the way. Ryan McMahon was surely a star, but it’s going to take all the guys working together, pitching, hitting, and playing solid defense. Black believes that his team can get the job done. We still have a lot of baseball ahead of us, and if the Rockies can continue to win at home and work together, we just might stand a chance.

Of all the Rockies’ issues, guts isn’t one, as demonstrated by series-clinching, walk-off win over Los Angeles | Denver Post ($)

One of the main things standing in the Rockies’ way as the season goes on is the bullpen, but they’re doing what they can to overcome that by playing with a whole lot of heart. They won three of the four-game series against the Dodgers, and part of that success was due to some serious gumption. One problem the Rockies have had this year has been falling behind early and not being able to recover. But the walk-off wins we saw in this series show that the Rockies aren’t giving up just yet. They continued to play hard, and it shows in the passion we can easily see in the players. Everyone’s success is celebrated by all, and that is a huge key to the Rockies having a chance at winning. The Rockies have had some real ups and downs this season, and they’re currently in an up phase, and we can only hope that it continues for the last chunk of the season.