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Colorado Rockies podcast: Maybe the Rockies should play the youngsters more

PDP talks the Rockies young players and international baseball

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We’ll get this out of the way early for Episode 145 of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast: the audio might not be our best. Tyler is still gallivanting around Panama and forgot both his microphone AND headphones, so there are some echoes and some Panamanian music in the background and just DEAL WITH IT, OK?!

But hey, your favorite costumed baseball strongmen are playing well! The Rockies rallied for a surprising win Thursday night in Atlanta, and with the comeback victories over the Dodgers, that seems to bode well for this team’s immediate future. The win was engineered, in large part, by contributions from young guys like David Dahl and Ryan McMahon, suggesting — hear us out — that maybe they’re good and should play all the time. With Ian Desmond struggling (again), the Rockies are coming to a critical juncture in the season when it comes to, well, everything personnel-wise. We discuss.

Plus baseball is fun all across the globe! A brief discussion about he game internationally leads off the show, and we dive into assorted other nerdery and things vaguely related to the Rockies. It’s the 145th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. Forget it at your hotel and throw off your whole afternoon with it!