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Padres 4, Rockies 3: Tyler Anderson, Rox struggle against Padres at home

The Rockies followed up their awesome sweep with a stinker of a loss against the Padres.

The Colorado Rockies have made a name for themselves lately by playing their best baseball against some of the best teams the league has to offer as part of a historically challenging stretch on their schedule. So naturally they followed that up by putting up a stinker against the San Diego Padres, they of the 28-games-below-.500 record, losing 4-3 on Tuesday night.

More early struggles for Tyler Anderson

The lefty was roughed up early once again on Tuesday, allowing three runs in the first couple innings. That included a two-run home run to Eric Hosmer. He later gave up a homer to Austin Hedges and was charged with four runs on the night, costing him the loss.

Missed opportunity

The Rockies offense had their best chance in the bottom of the eighth inning with Trevor Story up with the bases loaded and one out. He struck out swinging, and Carlos Gonzalez made the final out. The offense was lackluster all night, but that was the missed chance that stung.

Seriously, just beat the Padres

Who knows which cliches apply—maybe the Rockies are playing down to their competition. Maybe they overlooked the Padres. Either way they are now 7-6 against the last-place team in their division this season. They need to right that the rest of the way.

Looking ahead

The Rockies play the Padres again on Wednesday with Jon Gray on the mound against Jacob Nix.