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Dream lineup for Rockies playoffs?

Rockies news and links for August 24, 2018

Rockies Insider: Breaking down Colorado’s ideal playoff lineup | Denver Post ($)

Kyle Newman at the Denver Post takes a look at the lineup that could find postseason success. He believes that, regardless of who is pitching against them, lefty or righty, this lineup would prove to be the most dominant. Leading off is, of course, center-fielder Charlie Blackmon. While he might have some luck in a corner outfield position, he’ll likely remain in center for the rest of this season. Next up is second-baseman DJ LeMahieu. LeMahieu has been quietly impressive all year long, and except for a brief stint on the DL, he has consistently provided good offense and defense. Then you’ve got right-fielder Carlos Gonzalez batting third. While some may have questioned bringing CarGo back this year, he has shown that he deserves a spot in the lineup every night. His power is still there, and he would provide some veteran leadership.

Batting cleanup is third baseman Nolan Arenado. No explanation required. Following Arenado would be shortstop Trevor Story. The all-star is having a career season, and he would bring something fantastic to a playoff lineup. Up next is the loved/hated Ian Desmond. He’s had his ups and downs, but his veteran presence and recent success would benefit in the postseason. Batting seventh is young David Dahl. If he can stay healthy, his power and defensive performance work in his favor. Then you’ve got veteran Chris Iannetta catching and young phenom Kyle Freeland pitching. Despite lots of good contenders for starting pitchers, Freeland has got the grit, determination, and hometown heroism to potentially earn that spot.

Rockies add local legend Holliday for postseason push | Mile High Sports

Denver is saying hello to Matt Holliday once again. The Rockies bought his contract from Albuquerque, bringing him up to the major-league roster. Bud Black announced Thursday morning that Holliday would be playing in left field in the game against the Padres. After rising pretty quickly through the minors, Holliday made it clear that he still has what it takes. He was a three-time All-Star during his time with the Rockies in the early 2000s. As the Rockies aspire to a postseason run this year, hopefully we can see some of the old Matt Holliday.

Kyle Freeland could end up having the best pitched season in Rockies history | Purple Row

It’s almost undeniable that, up until this point in history, Ubaldo Jimenez has pitched the best season for the Rockies. However, Eric Garcia McKinley argues that Kyle Freeland is on track to overtake that honored designation. Right now, he’s easily set for second best, but if he can continue to show us what he has in the last month or so, he just might do it.

The Giants have played the most extra-inning games of any team this year | McCovey Chronicles

The Giants have played in 17 games with extra innings, in which they are a surprising 10-7. In six of these games they won, they only played more than nine innings due to blowing a lead. Not great news, but at least they closed it out. In seven, they came back from being down by a large deficit before losing, so they’re able to make up some ground. We’ve got the Giants to thank for a lot of free baseball this season.