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If the Rockies could pick their shoe color...

Rockies news and links for August 27, 2018

Colorado Rockies want aspects of Players Weekend all season | Rox Pile

One major thing that the Rockies wish they could hang onto from Players Weekend is their cleats. There’s much more freedom in choice within Players Weekend for them to choose what they would like to wear. I must say, as someone who had a school uniform, those small choices are pretty crucial. During the season, the players’ cleats have to be at least 51% of the club’s designated color, and that color has to be spread evenly over the shoe. This rule doesn’t usually come up, as most players simply wear the shoe color of their team. It can become a question of matching, though.

For the Rockies, they must wear either black or purple cleats, but their uniforms are usually white or gray. Earlier this year, someone got fined for wearing non-regulation cleats, so it’s not that surprising that many Rockies players wished the Players Weekend relaxed cleat rules could persist. It’s fun during this weekend to see some of the personalities shine through, and it would be fun to see it a little more, as long as it was within reason in terms of the uniforms.

German Marquez’s elite stuff gives him a chance at Rockies greatness | Denver Post ($)

When German Marquez emerged on the Rockies radar in 2016, he blew them all away. He showed some amazing velocity and a wicked curveball. During his tenure, he has continued to impress, having just a few instances of wildness. Steve Foster, the Rockies pitching coach, claims that Marquez has what it takes to become “elite.” He’s also a coachable guy, willing to work on different things and filled with dedication. In his 2018 season, he has won six of seven games when he pitched into the seventh inning. Overall, he’s 11-9, which is due to some struggles at home and in the first innings. He’s still young, though, and the Rockies are still holding out hope that he can develop into something truly remarkable. Marquez has done some work this season on getting back to basics, making sure his mechanics are where they should be. If he can gain a better control over his pitching, we can really start to see that elite stuff.

Colorado Rockies, MLB benefit from September roster expansion | Coloradoan

At this point in the season, the Rockies have used 38 different players in their mix and match lineup. This is a pretty high number, but only six have been starting pitchers, which is low. What’s kind of remarkable, too, is that each of the 38 have managed to contribute in some way or another while in a Rockies uniform. Raimel Tapia had his grand slam and Tom Murphy had a clutch home run, and the list goes on. As we near the postseason, the Rockies need to be able to rely on this depth, and it has stepped up. When Nolan Arenado needed a break, Ryan McMahon was there, and David Dahl has stayed relatively healthy. The roster expansion that will come in September will be a good chance to better utilize this depth of players. This will likely help the Rockies, so now if they can just get a handle on pitching, they should be set.