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Hot bats mean a hot chance for the Rockies

Rockies news and links for September 10, 2018

Colorado Rockies: The offense will be the deciding factor | Rox Pile

All year long, we’ve been waiting for the Rockies’ bats to start getting hot. As pitching issues have worked themselves out and defense has been solid, the only missing component has been offense. There have been the occasional glimpses of greatness, but overall, the Rockies are not scoring many runs. Their numbers with runners in scoring position are dreadful, and this has lost them a couple of games. Frankly, given the offensive performance we’ve seen, it’s almost hard to believe we’re leading the division. If they want to hang onto that lead, they had better get that offense working. If Nolan Arenado can get himself out of his little slump, the offense would likely jumpstart. With Matt Holliday hitting like he is, if Nolan could get himself on base, we would see more runs on the board. With the Rockies fighting for their first division title ever, they are showing they have what it takes to win games. However, the offense needs to produce way more consistently if they want to stand a chance at succeeding in the playoffs.

Oberg has been vital to bullpen success |

Earlier this season, the bullpen was looking like it might be the death of the Rockies. Games were falling apart late, with the bullpen struggling and the offense unable to make up for it. Picking up Seunghwan Oh has helped kick the pitchers into gear, but Scott Oberg has quietly been killing it. He has gone 6-0 since the end of April, and he has played consistently, maintaining his mechanics and delivery. Oberg put together five scoreless appearances in June, and has been equally fantastic in September. If he and the rest of the bullpen can maintain these kinds of performances, the Rockies just might stand a chance.

Nolan Arenado’s slump-busting home run a silver lining in Rockies’ loss to Dodgers | Denver Post ($)

Despite the 9-6 loss in Sunday’s game, there was a bright spot: Nolan Arenado hit his first home run since August 24. He hit a two-run bomb, which he says felt really good. Hitting slumps can be disheartening, but Arenado has hopefully found his way out of his. Arenado’s passion is endlessly evident, and he has been continually working on his hitting, not wanting to let anyone down and contribute the best he can. Charlie Blackmon also showed some power, hitting two home runs. Hopefully, these two, as well as the rest of the lineup, can bring everything they have in the series against the Diamondbacks.