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Odd statistics for the winning Rockies

Rockies news and links for September 12, 2018

Colorado Rockies morning after: So much for run differential | Rox Pile

2018 has been a weird year for the Rockies, statistically speaking. Most strikingly is the negative run differential, an odd statistic for division leaders. However, the Rockies erased that -11 differential in just two innings in Monday night’s game, so the stat sat at zero before yesterday’s three-run loss, bringing it back down to -3.

This is a huge series, a chance to not only gain major ground in the race for the NL West, but also to get some good vibes back against the team that ended their playoff run last year. David Dahl hit a massive grand slam, Trevor Story worked his way out of the mini-slump he was in, and the Rockies moved to a game and a half ahead of the Dodgers and three and a half in front of the Diamondbacks. These odd statistics that the Rockies have seen in 2018 don’t really matter to them; it’s just coming to the field every day and playing their game.

Rockies’ Trevor Story becomes first MLB shortstop to reach 40 doubles, 30 homers and 25 steals in a season | Denver Post ($)

Trevor Story is having a season for the history books, and his numbers just got solidified right in there. With his double in Tuesday night’s game, he reached the 40 doubles, joining his 30 home runs and 25 steals. Story is the only shortstop to have reached these numbers, and is only the seventeenth all-time player to join this club. Cleveland’s Francisco Lindor should be joining this club soon, too. This hit also marked Story’s 100th RBI, marking him as the second shortstop after Alex Rodriguez to hit 30 home runs and get 100 RBIs and 20 stolen bases. Atta boy, Story.

Rox have no shortage of OFs for final push |

The depth of the Rockies roster has seemed almost bottomless this year, as many have gotten called up from the minors to do pretty well in the big leagues. While the infield has stayed mostly consistent, and the Rockies only have seven starting pitchers, they also have a bounty of outfielders. So far, nine players have filled different outfield positions, with eight currently on the roster. This is not a bad problem to have; it just becomes a question of whom to play and when. Charlie Blackmon is currently on fire, and we can almost expect to see him in center field. Carlos Gonzalez, Matt Holliday, and Gerardo Parra have all had their own hot streaks this season. Each player has to bring everything he has and do his part to get us to another Rocktober.

Colorado Rockies: Jeff Bridich joins Mad Dog on High Heat | Rox Pile

Rockies GM Jeff Bridich went on High Heat with Christopher Russo to talk about the Rockies and their chances in 2018. He discusses how after last year’s playoff appearance, expectations and standards were heightened. Fortunately, players such as Kyle Freeland and German Marquez have lived up to that. Bridich praises the youth of the team, a group that we have been able to watch grow and develop as the year has gone on. It’s been an exciting year, with all the ups and downs to have us on the edges of our seats. Fans are crucial to success, so let’s all get to Coors Field if we can and cheer on our Rockies.

Chris Iannetta’s key role in the Rockies pursuit of the playoffs | Purple Row

Among all the stars of the Rockies lineup, Chris Iannetta can often be overlooked. However, he has brought many positive elements to the Rockies, ones that aren’t necessarily marked by statistics. He has been catching for a very young pitching rotation. That is not always easy, but he has handled it very well. He also has the veteran ability to help lead Tony Wolters and Tom Murphy. He remains very calm under pressure, a important feature of the man behind the plate. The Rockies have found the way to best use Iannetta, based on defensive ability and the wear and tear catching causes the body. When it comes down to it, Iannetta is doing his part to get the Rockies to the playoffs.