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Colorado Rockies podcast: Marvin Freeman on his amazing 1994 season

Purple Dinosaur Podcast catches up with former Rockies starter Marvin Freeman

Marvin Freeman

Kyle Freeland’s brilliant 2018 season continues bringing people back to one of its only historical comparison in Rockies history: Marvin Freeman’s outstanding 1994 season. Well do we have a treat for you on Episode 148 of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. The one and only Marvin Freeman himself joins the show to look back on his sterling, strike-shortened ‘94 season that saw him place fourth in National League Cy Young voting and do things most people would now regard as impossible in the early days of the Rockies franchise. We’ll rap with Marvin about that year, the Rockies’ playoff squad in ‘95, his time learning from Greg Maddux and the rest of the ‘90s Braves, his reputation as a glue guy in the clubhouse, today’s Rockies, what young pitchers need to know to be successful, the state of baseball in 2018, and a whole lot more. There’s even a story in there about an $80,000 violin bow you don’t want to miss. (Really.)

After Marvin, we catch up with one of the unlikeliest Rockies in recent memory, reliever D.J. Johnson. After stops in four different Major League organizations and two stints in independent ball, Johnson made his big league debut this year. We’ll discuss what it felt like to get the call and run in from an MLB bullpen for the first time.

The Rockies are in control of their own destiny as we hit the stretch run in 2018. Kyle Freeland, German Marquez, and Jon Gray have been a large reason why, as have Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado. We’ll talk about their terrific second halves but also dive into some resurgent Rockies like Scott Oberg and Wade Davis who have likewise been keys to the Rockies’ first-place push.

It’s the 148th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast! Take a little velocity off and hit your spots with it!