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Giants 3, Rockies 0: has anyone seen the offense?

Rockies fall out of first place in the NL West

MLB: Colorado Rockies at San Francisco Giants Kiel Maddox-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rockies offense chose the worst possible time to go silent. With the Los Angeles Dodgers blow out of the St. Louis Cardinals earlier in the day, the Rockies needed to defeat the Giants in order to stay in first place in the NL West. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as the offense’s malaise continued.

Tonight, it was as simple as last night’s inability to get a hit. Instead, it was a combination of reverse Coors, bad BABIP luck, bad sequencing, horrible execution in the clutch and just about everything else you can imagine going wrong with an offense in a nine inning game.

German Marquez wasn’t his dominant self as he allowed three runs in his six innings of work, but it was still good enough to give the Rockies a chance if the offense wasn’t completely inept. The bullpen followed up with two innings of shutout work from Yency Almonte, Harrison Musgrave and DJ Johnson.


None. Sorry, I know this is awkward, but there was nothing highlight worthy in this game from a Rockies fan’s perspective.

Playoff Chase

While the Rockies did drop half a game behind the Dodgers with the loss tonight, they are still half a game in front of the Cardinals (who will hopefully miss the playoffs after this choke job they’ve pulled this weekend) for the second wild card berth.

Hopefully, things will revert tomorrow with a Rockies win and a Dodgers loss. It’s easy to see everything falling apart, but this Rockies team has proven their resiliency all season long, so keep those heads up Rockies fans.