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Behind the scenes with Bud Black

Rockies news and links for September 17, 2018

Bud Black: A day in the life of the Rockies’ manager in a pennant race | Denver Post ($)

Bud Black has many things on his plate as the Rockies near the end of their season. One such thing is attempting to get Peyton Manning to appear in a video the Rockies can play on their scoreboard. Despite having oodles of things to do, Black goes about them in his trademark easy-going manner, approaching things with a knowledge that they’ll get done somehow. He has many media engagements, both social and otherwise before finalizing his lineup for the evening’s game. He meets with the media again, who want to know why it’s set the way it is, and Black plays it close to the vest, working the media as the lineup is generally something that’s already been planned out for a while. His players appreciate Black’s laid-back style, liking that he knows when to step in and when to let things play out. And then he goes home at the end of the day to his wife Nan, ready to face another day.

Colorado Rockies: Bud Black talks about Matt Holliday | Rox Pile

Matt Holliday has been providing some much needed offense lately for the Rockies. Originally, he was signed to a major league deal, and his return to the Rockies organization brought up some nostalgia for many Rockies fans. Few would have predicted, though, that he would have a quick rise to the majors and then be one of the hottest hitters for the Rox. Bud Black spoke to his production, stating that they knew they could count on Holliday for a solid at-bat, regardless of hitting against a lefty or a righty. He has not only power, but experience, which is an immeasurable asset in a playoff race. Black commented that Holliday has managed to keep himself in good shape, and that he is ready to help the team get to the playoffs.

Oh expected to return for series vs. Dodgers |

Seunghwan Oh has been sitting out of play since September 9 with hamstring tightness. He did some pregame work prior to Sunday’s game, feeling okay. He should be available for the Rockies to utilize in the upcoming series against the Dodgers. The trainers have said he’s close to being ready, and if nothing else, this has given him a chance to rest before finishing the season strong.

Dodgers, Rockies in closest NL race since 2010 | True Blue LA

The race for the NL West is coming down to the wire. The Rockies and the Dodgers are neck and neck, heading into what will surely be an interesting series against each other in LA. In the past decade or so, things have been pretty clearly defined in terms of division leaders, with the exception of 2010, when the Dodgers won by only half a game. With just a dozen games to play, the race is impossibly close, and it’ll come down to who can finish when it counts.