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Where’s the Nolan Arenado we know and love?

Rockies news and links for September 21, 2018

Kiszla: As Rockies stumble in playoff race, what’s wrong with Nolan Arenado? Is he hurt? Or choking? | Denver Post ($)

Early on this year, Nolan Arenado openly expressed frustration with the Rockies’ inability to win. The All-Star of late has not seemed like his usual self. Occasionally, we’ll catch a glimpse, but he has not been the Mr. Clutch we’ve known him to be. His magical moves at third base have been few and far between. What’s going on? It’s possible that he’s hurt. We all know of his intense commitment to his team and playing the game of baseball, and it seems all too possible that he’s masking an injury to stay on the field. He knows he’s one to carry the team, but he has not been able to successfully do so. His offensive production has been minimal, as has the whole lineup’s. It’s difficult to watch Arenado struggle like this, and he surely is frustrated. With 2018 winding down, it will take something close to a miracle for the Rockies to get the division title. Hopefully, though, before we likely say goodbye to DJ LeMahieu and Carlos Gonzalez, the boys in purple can give us that miracle.

Rockies swept by Dodgers as division title hopes dwindle | Mile High Sports

Things were finally starting to look up for the Rockies. We were leading the division, offense was starting to flow, and our rotation started to click. But then came the big bad Dodgers, stomping all over us. Being swept in LA puts a massive damper on our hopes for the postseason. Yes, it puts us 2.5 games behind, but the team also seemed incapable of functioning. The Rockies have shown that they are capable of winning their next games, which could help in the race, but if they play like they did against the Dodgers, things would look mighty bad indeed.

Colorado Rockies: It feels like deja vu to 2010 all over again | Rox Pile

Recently, we have been comparing the 2018 Rockies to the 2007 Rockies, hopeful about the similarities. However, fears are now creeping in that they will turn out to be more like the 2010 Rockies. At the end of the 2010 season, the Rockies were in a similar battle for the NL West title. It all turned wrong, though, as they lost 13 of their last 15 games of the year. This is not a desirable comparison, but the 2018 Rockies have lost five of their last six. Now we have ten games left, and it is absolutely crucial to make every play count.

Youth is served: Each club’s best rookie in 2018 | takes a look at all the young talent in the league this year. They designate the each team’s best rookie from the 2018 season. The Rockies’ rookie, which will probably not surprise many, is Ryan McMahon. After making the Opening Day roster, McMahon played intermittently at first base, beat out for the most part by veteran Ian Desmond. After some stints in the minors, McMahon showed us what he could do, with some absolutely clutch home runs.