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Colorado Rockies podcast: Road trip woes

Purple Dinosaur Podcast talks about the rough road trip, and saves some energy to answer listener questions

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Ah well, this sucks. The Rockies are 1-5 to start the biggest road trip in recent memory including a three-game sweep in Los Angeles that took them from a half-game lead in the National League West to a 2.5-game deficit. There’s really no sugarcoating the fact that All Things Are Bad Again And Nothing Is Good. But while things are terrible for the moment, the season is somehow far from over. This Rockies team has been left for dead no fewer than a dozen times only to rally and shock us all, so do they have more left in them? We’ll see.

We attempt to help you forget your frustration this week by bringing on Andrew Orvedahl as our guest. One of the legendary Denver comedy trio The Grawlix as well as Coach Fairbell on TruTV’s “Those Who Can’t” attempts to keep us on the ledge by, you know, reminding us that the world will still exist even if the Rockies don’t make the playoffs. Actually we don’t really get that far into justifying a continued reason for existence as Rockies fans. Mostly we just joke around and try to laugh through our baseball-induced tears.

This week brings some #AskPDP queries mostly around the tenor of “Why do we do this to ourselves?” which is a valid query and one for which we don’t have a very good answer. But if the Rockies rip off an 8-2 finish to the season and run down the Dodgers somehow, you’ll know. By god, you’ll know.

All that and more on the 149th episode of the Purple Dinosaur Podcast. The Spokane Spokesman Review called it “a true thrill ride!” while the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said, “It kept me on the edge of my seat until the end!”