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Time to make it count, Rockies

Rockies news and links for September 26, 2018

Rockies Mailbag: Jon Gray delivered a big win over Phillies, Nolan Arenado stats, manager updates and more | Denver Post ($)

Patrick Saunders once again offers up his opinions on fans’ questions. He first addresses the everlasting question of what to do about Jon Gray. Despite his issues under pressure, Saunders argues that there is just too much talent there to think about trading him away. Another fan asks about any kind of East Coast bias, but Saunders claims that while there might be some media bias, the umpires are not guilty of playing favorites. While a seasoned pitcher might be likely to have more things called his way, there is no preferential treatment. Saunders talks about pitching to Yasiel Puig, Nolan Arenado’s statistics, and what he would do if he found himself in the manager’s spot. He wraps it up with talk of September call-ups and the possibility of Todd Helton in the Hall of Fame.

Colorado Rockies: Welcoming back the offense to start the homestand | Rox Pile

After being missing in action for much of the season, the Rockies offense picked a good time to show up again. Not only could they draw the walks, like Tony Wolters with four, but they got ten runs on 13 hits. As the Rockies sit half a game behind in the wild card race, and a game and a half behind the Dodgers in the division, they need to be able to sustain this kind of offense. Let’s get out the to ballpark and cheer our boys on.

Five notes from Rockies’ blowout of Phillies on Monday as Colorado gains ground in wild card chase | Denver Post ($)

It’s crunch time for the Rockies, and there are a few things to note after their 10-1 win over the Phillies. First is that we cannot expect help from the Diamondbacks. As their season has ended, they are likely to opt out of playing the big guys in order to prevent injury. Another factor is Charlie Blackmon’s hitting streak, which continued into its 16th game Monday night. There were also four walks drawn by Tony Wolters, and a perfect inning thrown by DJ Johnson. Chad Bettis got the start in Tuesday’s game after Tyler Anderson was deemed unavailable due to shoulder soreness.

What happens if there’s a 4-way tie in NL? |

It’s an impossibly tight race in the National League right now. While the possibility of an eight-way tie has gone by the wayside, it’s still entirely possible that there could be a four-way tie between the Brewers, Cardinals, Rockies, and Dodgers. Anthony Castrovince at breaks down the different scenarios of what might happen in the event of this four-way tie.